Everything Dental is proud to offer the best and most advanced orthodontic services for our patients. Having a show-stopping smile is one of the most desired features in the world, you’ll be well on your way to having perfect, straight teeth.

How are teeth straightened?

Orthodontics involve correcting teeth that are improperly positioned, often using braces. We frequently treat malocclusions which are otherwise known as bad bites that can cause health issues such as difficulty chewing, poor oral hygiene, and in some cases, bacterial infections in those hard to reach places. Along with straightening teeth, we also correct crooked teeth or teeth that simply aren’t lining up as correctly as you’d like them to. A large focus of orthodontic treatment is correcting and properly developing facial bones and jaw so your mouth and teeth can align more easily. Whether you need headgear, plates, or just traditional braces, we’re eager to find the best treatment plan for you.

What’s the best age to get braces? Am I too old to get my teeth straightened?

We hear, “Am I too old to get my teeth straightened?” all the time, and the answer is absolutely not! We have orthodontic patients of all ages, and as a general family dentistry practice, we have the ability to treat your entire family under one roof. Whether it’s your first time seeking orthodontic treatment or you are wanting to correct previous orthodontic work, we have a treatment plan for you. We recommend for children to come in for their first consultation around ages 7 or 8 to ensure that their facial muscles and mouths are growing properly.

Clear aligners

A set of clear aligners is the newest form of braces. The aligners are invisible and removable, making them very popular. The system uses clear, acrylic trays that straighten teeth just like braces and are much more comfortable.

Clear aligners are nice because you can remove them to eat so you don’t have to feel like you can’t eat something. They can also be removed when you brush and floss your teeth so that your oral hygiene does not suffer while you are wearing braces.

Before treatment, it is crucial to discuss your desired results with your dentist at Everything Dental to identify the best treatment plan for you. Each cosmetic dentistry treatment plan varies in cost, complexity, and results. The current condition of your teeth is a major factor in finding the right treatment.

With our experienced staff at Everything Dental, you’ll be in the best of hands as we are proud to provide a comprehensive set of cosmetic dental services for the whole family. Patient care and comfort is our top priority, and with a comfortable waiting room, TVs in the ceiling above each dental chair for entertainment, and warm towelettes, you’ll love coming to see us.

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